Episode 35-1 Hard As Nails with Chris Baines!


This week on the show we’re talking about games that take you to the edge. Games that push your brain and hand coordination to its limits. And of course we’re listening to the music that will drive you through these difficult titles.

We’re joined by Chris Baines: Musician, game historian, and lover of challenging games. Chris shares with us some of his favorite tracks, and we talk about what compels us to enjoy such challenging games! https://www.youtube.com/@ChrisBCrisps

Track list

  1. Industen – ActRaiser 2 – SNES – Yuzo Koshiro
  2. Frozen Keep – ScourgeBringer – Joonas Turner
  3. Scramble Crossroad (Stage 6) – R-Type – Arcade – Masato Ishizaki (SCLAP)
  4. Cleric Beast – Bloodborne – Tsukasa Saitoh
  5. Ringed – Circa Infinity – Jack and Jim Fay
  6. Tower of Nannar – 1001 Spikes – RushJet1
  7. Ground BGM Stage 1, 2 (Ghouls and Ghosts) – ARM(IOSYS)
  8. Bustling Street (Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole) Motoi Takenouchi arranged by Amigoigo Sax
  9. ‘Bout the City – Jet Set Radio – Reps
  10. Beyond the Heart – Celeste: Farewell – Lena Raine

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