Episode 35-2 Travel Music


Pernell’s back from a long trip and we’ve got stories! We also have a great video game music soundtrack to each of those stories! Music for planes, trains, and airships!

Coming soon is our 7th anniversary show! We’re counting down our top 10 favorite tracks played over the past year, and we’re doing it live! More information about the live stream coming soon!

Track list

  1. Ending Credits – Double Dribble: Playoff Edition – Genesis – Miki Higashino
  2. Hang Glider – Pilot Wings 64 – N64 – Dan Hess
  3. Attract, Demo, High Score – Airline Pilots – Arcade – Masanori Takeuchi
  4. A Landscape of Wonders – Super Sami Roll – Evader
  5. Lighting (A little good) – Cool Riders – Arcade – Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Makito Nomiya
  6. The Strange-Step All Night Dancing Bunny Cheerleader’s​Assaulting Trumpet Resounds!! – Dragon Half – PC98 – Tadahiro Nita
  7. J.A.M. Densha de Densha de Go!Go!Go! (Studio Version, Densha de GO! Side by Side 2) – Dr.HAGGY (JAM, junkie as machine), Joutouhei Nakayama (Zuntata), JAM: Dr.HAGGY, Feedback Babi, Jankie Kamaty, karu (Zuntata)
  8. Hope Never Dies (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin) – GaMetal
  9. Big Blue – F-Zero – SNES – Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishida

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