Episode 35-5 PAX Unplugged 2022 Supershow!

This year Rob and Pernell attended PAX Unplugged and played a ton of board games! But what is that you say? This podcast is about video games? Well we got you covered! We’re listening to music that you can play your board games too!

Here are the games we played that weekend! Check them out!

Track list

  1. Breath of Forest – Mad Rat Dead – Kazua Takasu
  2. Cast – Mahjong Cop Ryuu: Shiro Ookami no Yabou – Mega Drive – Aruaru Nakayama, Hyaa Maruyama, Hideo Kamei
  3. Tavern Knight – Card Shark – Andrea Boccadoro
  4. Light and Shade – Viridi – Michael Patrick Bell
  5. Main Theme – Anarcute – Nomady Maddon
  6. Track 6 – Cats & Soup – iOS – Unknown
  7. The Depot Stage Cover (GoldenEye 64) – DSC
  8. Animal Crossing – Shawn Wasabi feat. Sophia Black
  9. Ms. Mouz’s Theme – Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – GameCube

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