Episode 35-6 Our Games of 2022


You can’t stop Pernell from banging his head to Super Monkey Ball, and you can’t have a podcast about video games without having a “best of” wrap-up for the year! We talk about all the games we played and why they held our attention for so long. And of course the music is a huge factor in this. We are a video game music podcast after all!

Don’t forget that this Saturday at 4:30 PM you can see us LIVE at MAGFest! See all the details about the great video game show on Earth at https://super.magfest.org

Track list

  1. The Siege – Tunic – Janice Kwan and Liformed
  2. Battle Theme – Sunday Gold – Pixel Audio (Mathieu Beaudet, Eric Shaw)
  3. Moms Are Tough – Vampire Survivors – Daniele Zandara
  4. 2 Star Battle – Super Bullet Break – Hiroyoshi Kato
  5. Lava Belt – Astlibera Revision – Taz
  6. Limitant – Astlibera Revision – Shimajiro
  7. Song of Mana Remix (Vampire Survivors) – MkVaff
  8. Song of Lament (Elden Ring) – Alina Gingertail
  9. The Librarian – Tunic – Janice Kwan and Liformed

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