Episode 35-10 VGM Podcast Tribute


This week on the show Rob and Pernell salute their podcast brothers and sisters with some good-natured parody! You’ll get a listen to The Rhythm and Pixels Music Hour, R&PVGM The First Wave, R&P Food-Mart a VGMPorium Company, and Re-&PVGM! It’s impossible to count how many times we cracked ourselves up during the show, we hope you enjoy it! 

Listen to these, and many more, fine VGM podcasts! 

Track list

  1. BGM – Power Soukoban – Super Famicom – Unknown
  2. Underworld Tower – Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters – Gameboy – Unknown
  3. Title Screen – Art of Balance – Wii U – Martin Schioeler
  4. Eternal Tourist Trap – Earthbound – SNES – Hirokazu Tanaka
  5. Shape Memory Alloys (Shop) – Armored Core – PlayStation – Keiichiro Segawa
  6. Kims Shop – Conquest of the Crystal Palace – NES – Mitsuyasu Tomohisa
  7. Factory Stage (Marvel vs Capcom 2) – Tetsuya Shibata arranged and performed by J-MUSIC Ensemble
  8. Mortal Kombat – Alina Gingertail
  9. Flower Garden (Lobby) – Dead or Alive 4 – Xbox 360 – Makoto Hosoi

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