Episode 36-1 Your 4 in February!


Every February we send out a challenge to break through your game backlog! Can you finish 4 games during the shortest month of the year? Our listeners were up to the challenge and sent us their favorite music selections from the games they finished!

Also in this episode is a special review the latest board game from Plaid Hat Games: Hickory Dickory! We love this game by Sawyer West, learn more about it at https://www.hickorydickorygame.com/

  1. Ready to Go! – Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Yuuta Ogasawara
  2. Travis and Jeanne – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Jun Fukuda
  3. Safety Videos – The Quarry – Ian Livingstone
  4. Cyrus the Scholar – Octopath Traveler – Yasunori Nishiki
  5. Board Game Beats! Hickory Dickory by Sawyer West
  6. A Day in the Village – Chained Echoes – Eddie Marianukroh
  7. Red and Blue – Vampire Survivors – Daniele Zandara
  8. Red Hot Chili Aries (Virgo vs The Zodiac) – laughing5tock
  9. The Magician – What Lies in the Multiverse – Vicente Aguiló, Ronny Antares

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