Episode 3-4 Motoi Sakuraba

Download episode 3-4 here!

Let us tell you a tale, a tale of a fantastic video game music composer and his love of progressive rock. This week on the show Rob and Pernell focus on a single composer, Motoi Sakuraba! We play tracks spanning nearly 2 decades of his VGM history.

What else can we say other than: It’s go time!

Track list:

  1. The Stream of Time – Tales of Phantasia – Super Famicom
  2. Battle 2 – Beyond the Beyond – Playstation
  3. Mission 6: Amalthes Moon – Sol-Deace – Sega Megadrive
  4. Pyroxene – Star Ocean 2 – Playstation
  5. Stage 7: High Sky – El Viento – Sega Megadrive
  6. An Illusion of The Brainstem – Valkyrie Profile – Playstation
  7. Fighting of The Spirit (Tales of Phantasia) – S.S.H.
  8. What Was Born Inside That Door – Tales of Graces F – Playstation 2
  9. Mystic Forest – Tales of Phantasia – Super Famicom


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