Episode 7-7 Wildcard 2: This Time It’s Personal

Rob and Pernell throw out their comfortable themed podcast format, and dive into the dangerous world of zero-theme for a second time. But this time, it’s personal. Continue reading Episode 7-7 Wildcard 2: This Time It’s Personal


Episode 7-4 Squalor

You thought you could have it all. You bet it all, went all in. AND NOW YOU’RE BUSTED! This week on the show, it’s music themes from games where you are flat broke! Or just flattened, or something like that. Rob had a really hard time with this one haha! Enjoy the show! Continue reading Episode 7-4 Squalor

Episode 4-1 All The Fours

Rob and Pernell celebrate episode 4-1 with all tracks from the fourth sections of video games! Four-sure this is going to be an episode you don’t want to miss.

Raise your four’se fields, because you get four hosts this week! Four’get aboudit! The R&P brothers are joined by fellow podcastmen: Ed and Mike from Pixel Tunes Radio. Pixel Tunes Radio is another great podcast which showcases the very best in video game music. Check them out at https://pixeltunesradio.com.

Full track list? Go to the website! https://rhythmandpixels.com Continue reading Episode 4-1 All The Fours