Episode 8-3: Lounge Music


We’re all danced out, so it’s time to hit the lounge. We focus on another musical sub-genre of sorts, the chilled-out jazzy lounge music. It gets a little funky, it gets a little “elevator”, but it’s all so good.

Track list:

  1. Zodiac – Persona 2 Innocent Sin – Playstation – Toshiko Tasaki, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Masaki Kurokawa
  2. Main Menu – Mahjong Club – Super Famicom – Natsu System Sound Team
  3. In The Bar – Streets of Rage 2 – Genesis – Yuzo Koshiro
  4. Sun Rise Purple – Battle Mania Daiginjou – Mega Drive – Hiroto Kanno
  5. Desert Rain – Cross Edge – Playstation 3 – Kenji Kaneko
  6. BGM 7 – Super F1 Circus 3 – Super Famicom – Unknown
  7. Faxanadu Funk Fusion – virt / Jake Kaufman
  8. Sky Diving – Pilotwings – Soyo Oka, Arranged and performed by Takami Asano
  9. Parts Shop – Drift King Shutokou Battle 2 – Super Famicom- BPS Sound Team

Download episode 8-3 here!

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