Episode 14-5 Creative Games with Chris Baines


Yo dawg, did you ever play a game and want to make another game inside of that game? We’re talking all things creativity and listening to the music that accompanies your game building fun!

We’re joined by mega-musician-extraordinaire, Chris Baines! He contributes to the musical choices, and talks about his love for a very VERY special ROM-hack of Metroid and Zelda!

Buy his new album Euphie now on Bandcamp! It rules, and you will like it!


Track list:

  1. Dancing Drums – Little Big Planet – PlayStation 3 – Ananda Shankar
  2. Boss Theme 1 – RPG Maker 2003 – PC – Unknown
  3. Create: Super Mario Bros: Underground Theme – Super Mario Maker – Nintendo Wii U
  4. Main Theme – Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts – Xbox 360 – Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland, and David Clynick
  5. Wario Ware Inc. – WarioWare DIY – Nintendo DS – Kenichi Nishimaki, Takeru Kanazaki
  6. Credits – Fighter Maker 2 – Playstation 2 – INTELLIGENTSIA
  7. Bonus Round: Creative Exercise (Orchestral Remix) – Mario Paint – ClefferNotes
  8. Time Man (Famicom cover for MegaMaker) (powered up) – Cosmic Gem
  9. Sim City Theme Remix – Best Dude55
  10. Ghost House (SMB1) – Chris Baines
  11. Supermoon – No Man’s Sky – PS4, Steam – 65daysofstatic




  1. Oh, and now that I’ve finished the episode…….That No Man’s Sky OST is SO GOOD. I heard a track on VGMJB and promptly bought the whole enchilada. The drumming sounds a lot like Civil Twilight, but with some beautiful synth work straight out of SURVIVE and the like.

    Oh, and being from the West Coast, where we’re deprived of Herr’s, whenever you guys talk about them, it reminds me of The Office episode where Jim and Karen go on a search for a bag……which results in one of my favorite Andy quotes: “Did you check…..your butt?”

    There was also an Arrested Development quote in this episode, wasn’t there?

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    1. Oh geez, sometimes we quote shows and I can’t remember, though it’s almost always The Simpsons.

      So yeah! The Office takes place in Scranton PA which is middle-PA, but closer to the east side 🙂 and Herrs is big Pennsylvania brand! They were searching out the salt and vinegar variety of chips, which I believe is the superior chip, but Pernell’s the one who eats during recording haha!

      I just started No Man’s Sky a few weeks ago, and it’s great! But I feel like it’s punishing me for not knowing what to do right away, which is a little annoying. So lots of trial and error and suffocating in the vacuum of space. GREAT MUSIC though!


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