Episode 22-5 Optimism


We can all use some good vibes right now so  Rob and Pernell get optimistic in this week’s episode, focusing on one thing: feeling good! The sun is out and we are safely inside with our VGM boom-boxes turned up! Rob also quizzes Pernell on his knowledge of tennis-pro Andre Agassi and the MANY games they SHOULD have made for this ultimate sports-star! Remember, if you’re going to get funky to this week’s episode, get funky responsibly!

Track list:

  1. Sunset Bay – Wave Race 64 – N64 – Kazumi Totaka
  2. World Anthem – European League Soccer – Genesis – Matt Furniss
  3. Yellow Panic Time – Guitar Freaks 6th Mix – Arcade – Yoshihiko Koezuka
  4. Orange Jet Stream – Guitar Freaks 5th Mix – Arcade – Jeni Freeman, written and arranged by TOMOSUKE
  5. Standings Theme – Andre Agassi Tennis – SNES – Mark Miller
  6. Incandescence Game – Beach Spikers – Gamecube – Tatsuoshi Narita, Sachio Ogawa, Shinichi Goto, Fumio Ito, Megumi Takano
  7. BGM 2 – Harukanaru Augusta, New Golf Simulation – Sega Mega Drive – Yumi Kinoshita, Shigekazu Kamaki, Yusaburo Shimojyo, Hishori Morita
  8. Can You Feel The Sunshine Special Remix (Sonic R) – Tee and Mariana Lopes and featuring Jun Senoue https://teelopes.bandcamp.com/
  9. Lonely Rolling Star Big Band Jazz Version(Katamari Damacy) – The 8-Bit Big Band https://www.the8bitbigband.com
  10. New Days – Persona 4 – PlayStation 3 – Shoji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh, Ryota Kozuka

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