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Episode 17-7 Noriyuki Iwadare


Our podcast this week features only music composed by the prolific artist Noriyuki Iwadare! We find some great tracks in this episode, exploring not only his most famous games like Grandia and Langrisser, but also some interesting Japan-only titles on the PlayStation! Things go a little off the rails once we get into 90’s-TV-sitcom-mode and Pernell finds his groove. Enjoy the music!

Track list:

  1. Battle 2 – Grandia – Sega Saturn – Noriyuki Iwadare
  2. Rounds 3, 8, 15 – Space Invaders ‘91 – Sega Mega Drive – Noriyuki Iwadare
  3. Thunder Storm – Otomedius Excellent – Xbox 360 – Noriyuki Iwadare
  4. Higher the Air (Air Force Stage) – Mega Man X7 – PlayStation 2- Noriyuki Iwadare
  5. Removal – Growlanser – PlayStation – Noriyuki Iwadare
  6. Track 1 (Opening) – KimKiss – PlayStation 2
  7. FIGHT! (Frets of Valmar: Grandia II, Magfest 11 for Japan disaster relief) – Stemage, Danimal Cannon, Chunk Style, Chris Dlugosz, Mike Willard
  8. Parm, Remix (Grandia) – Unknown
  9. Battle Theme – Magic School Lunar – Sega Saturn – Noriyuki Iwadare


Episode 16-1 Podcastiversary 3!


We’ve done it! Three years of podcasts, video game music, and friendship! Let’s reflect back on our favorite tracks and episodes of the last year, you may be surprised at what we pick! There’s celebratory beverages, behind-the-scenes podcast stories, and fun trivia quizzes which Pernell is way too good at.

This episode was recorded in a live stream, which you can watch here unedited! (ALL HAIL THE METRONOME)

Track list

  1. Buzzkill – Danagnronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – PS Vita – Masafumi Takeda
  2. Original Mode Menu – Sega Bass Fishing – Dreamcast – Makoto Iida
  3. Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Remix) – Celeste – Switch, PS4, Steam – 2 Mello, Lena Raine
  4. Feel The Sunshine – Sonic R – Saturn – Richard Jacques
  5. Final Boss (Omega Model) – 20XX – Switch, PS4, Steam – Brandon Ellis
  6. Come Forward Forward – Bangai-O – Dreamcast – Norio Hanzawa
  7. Theme of Menat – Street Fighter V – PS4 – Daniel Lindholm
  8. Jazzy Sabotage – Guardian Heroes – Saturn – Katsuhiko Suzuki, Norio Hanzawa
  9. Love Cassette From The Future – Deep Space Waifu – PC – Funny Death
  10. Boogie Woogie In The Bar Piano Cover (Dragon Quest VIII) – Francis Rave
  11. Blue Sky Laundry – Battle Mania Daiginjou – Mega Drive – Hiroto Kanno


Episode 14-9 Football vs Football with Forever Sound Version


Football! Football! Football! Why do a focus on just one game of football when we can get all the footballs into one episode! We look at games of soccer, American football, and futbol!

Helping us out this week is Michael Bridgewater from the excellent video game podcast Forever Sound Version. We are big fans of his show and excited to have him with us again on this sports-themed monster of an episode. Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Title Screen – Madden NFL 98 – SNES – Mark Ortiz
  2. 2nd Quarter – Football Frenzy – Neo Geo – Yasuo Yamate, Yoshihiko Kitamura and or Tina Terko
  3. Unknown Sound Test 8A – J. League Pro Striker 2 – Genesis – Tatsuyuki Maeda
  4. Song 4 – FIFA Soccer 96 – PSX – Graeme Coleman
  5. Match Theme 1 – Nintendo World Cup – NES – Kazuo Sawa
  6. Statistics – John Madden Football 93 – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  7. Microprose Soccer (Rock and Roll Mix) – Johan Andersson
  8. Tecmo Super Bowl Special Edition Brazilian Style (Genesis arrangement) – Mr. Joker27
  9. Touchdown Hoedown (Tecmo Bowl) – Vurez
  10. Ending Theme – J. League Pro Striker – Genesis – Sachio Ogawa, Tomonori Sawada


Episode 13-2 Pinball Games


Let’s talk pinball, man. PIN BALL MAAAAAAANNNN!! Rob and Pernell listen to great music from video games based on pinball games, or using pinball game mechanics! And hoo-boy there are a lot of them! Pinball is a unique game that combines dexterity and physics with electronics. Moving this game into the digital world means you can add moving characters, RPG elements, and even blue sparks!

Track list:

  1. Showerboard – Dino Land – Sega Genesis – Ichiro Hada
  2. Cold and Bold – Odama – Gamecube – Don’t Panic
  3. Dementia – Virtual Pinball – Sega Genesis – Mark Miller
  4. Options Menu – Sonic Spinball – Sega Genesis – Howard Drossin, Brian Coburn, Barry Blum
  5. Main Stage BGM 1 – Time Cruise II – PC Engine – Hiroto Saitou
  6. Theme – Pin-Bot – NES – David Wise
  7. Waluigi Pinball Remix – Video Game Remixes
  8. Main Table Devils Crush – Toshinori Hiramatsu, Sword of Justice
  9. Wizard – Super Pinball Behind The Mask – SNES – Yusuke Takahama


Episode 13-1 Boys with Bats


Today on the show Rob and Pernell start their own Major League Podcast team, the Wilmington Chiptuners! Not really though, this week’s episode is all about video game characters who carry bats! Or big sticks! Or you know, something like that… we’ve got all sorts of ideas. We talk about the nostalgia we have for places we used to live, the romance of Tommy Lasord, and how to navigate the spirit world of Weehawken New Jersey.

This week’s topic was submitted by listener Wicked Sephiroth! High five!

Track list:

  1. Beranme Town – Hammerin’ Hero – PlayStation Portable – Syoji Murata
  2. Results – Tommy Lasorda Baseball – Sega Genesis – ROGE
  3. Ness’ House – Earthbound – Super Nintendo – Keichi Sazuki, Hirokazu Tanaka
  4. Credits – Kendo Rage – Super Nintendo – Takahiro Wakuta
  5. Pleather for breakfast – No More Heroes – Wii – Masafumi Takeda
  6. Falke’s Theme – Street Fighter V – PlayStation 4 – Keiki Kobayashi
  7. Fuka’s Theme Epic Rock Version – Little V
  8. In the beginning there was Jazz – LSD (Dustin Kaufman, Lenwood Turner, Samuel Ascher-Weiss)
  9. Gym – Rival Schools – PlayStation – Setsuo Yamamoto