Episode 14-9 Football vs Football with Forever Sound Version


Football! Football! Football! Why do a focus on just one game of football when we can get all the footballs into one episode! We look at games of soccer, American football, and futbol!

Helping us out this week is Michael Bridgewater from the excellent video game podcast Forever Sound Version. We are big fans of his show and excited to have him with us again on this sports-themed monster of an episode. Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Title Screen – Madden NFL 98 – SNES – Mark Ortiz
  2. 2nd Quarter – Football Frenzy – Neo Geo – Yasuo Yamate, Yoshihiko Kitamura and or Tina Terko
  3. Unknown Sound Test 8A – J. League Pro Striker 2 – Genesis – Tatsuyuki Maeda
  4. Song 4 – FIFA Soccer 96 – PSX – Graeme Coleman
  5. Match Theme 1 – Nintendo World Cup – NES – Kazuo Sawa
  6. Statistics – John Madden Football 93 – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  7. Microprose Soccer (Rock and Roll Mix) – Johan Andersson
  8. Tecmo Super Bowl Special Edition Brazilian Style (Genesis arrangement) – Mr. Joker27
  9. Touchdown Hoedown (Tecmo Bowl) – Vurez
  10. Ending Theme – J. League Pro Striker – Genesis – Sachio Ogawa, Tomonori Sawada



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