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Episode 15-10 The Lovely Wildcard Justice Attack


Get in your jumpsuit and climb in your 50 foot tall robot, it’s time to save the world! Invaders from another planet are threatening our music, and we must stop them with our only defense! Great video game music with no topic restrictions!

Track list:

  1. Castle of Dhaos – Tales of Phantasia – Super Nintendo – Motoi Sakuraba
  2. Ferocious Drive – Atelier Iris Eternal Mana – PlayStation 2 – Daisuke Achiwa, Ken Nakagawa, Akira Tsuchiya
  3. Country Selector – ESPN International Track & Field Summer Games – Gameboy Color – Norihiko Hibino, Kazuki Muraoka
  4. Elite Four Theme – Pokemon Black and White – Nintendo DS – Shota Kageyama, Go Ichinose, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi
  5. The First Tide – Intelligent Qube – PlayStation – Takayuki Hattori
  6. Charge The Soul Of Fighters – Super Robot Wars Original Generation Moon Dwellers – PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 – Ichirou Mizuki, Hironobu Kageyama, Rica Matsumoto, Eizo Sakamoto, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, Yoshiki Fukuyama
  7. Metamorphosis: Always Been But Never Dreamed (Theater Mode Edit)  – Tetris Effect – PlayStation 4 – Noboru Mutoh
  8. Laughter (Phantasy Star IV) – Czethros11
  9. Endless Worker ver 2 (Continuous Mode) – Magical Drop III – Neo Geo – Hiroaki Yoshida, Masaki Iwasaki, Shogo Sakai, Sin, Tatsuya Kiuchi



Episode 14-9 Football vs Football with Forever Sound Version


Football! Football! Football! Why do a focus on just one game of football when we can get all the footballs into one episode! We look at games of soccer, American football, and futbol!

Helping us out this week is Michael Bridgewater from the excellent video game podcast Forever Sound Version. We are big fans of his show and excited to have him with us again on this sports-themed monster of an episode. Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Title Screen – Madden NFL 98 – SNES – Mark Ortiz
  2. 2nd Quarter – Football Frenzy – Neo Geo – Yasuo Yamate, Yoshihiko Kitamura and or Tina Terko
  3. Unknown Sound Test 8A – J. League Pro Striker 2 – Genesis – Tatsuyuki Maeda
  4. Song 4 – FIFA Soccer 96 – PSX – Graeme Coleman
  5. Match Theme 1 – Nintendo World Cup – NES – Kazuo Sawa
  6. Statistics – John Madden Football 93 – Genesis – Rob Hubbard
  7. Microprose Soccer (Rock and Roll Mix) – Johan Andersson
  8. Tecmo Super Bowl Special Edition Brazilian Style (Genesis arrangement) – Mr. Joker27
  9. Touchdown Hoedown (Tecmo Bowl) – Vurez
  10. Ending Theme – J. League Pro Striker – Genesis – Sachio Ogawa, Tomonori Sawada


Episode 14-8 Patreon Music for Life


This week’s soundtrack is provided by supporters of Patreon! We talk about our favorite Batmen, and take a look at Pernell’s professional RPG speed-running career. Throughout the episode, Pernell attempts to complete Ninja Gaiden 2, and Rob distracts him through the power of modern dance.

Track list:

  1. Area 1 – Blaster Master – NES – Naoki Kodaka
  2. Chemical Factory – Batman – GameBoy – Nobuyuki Hara, Naoki Kodaka
  3. Stage J – Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers – NES – Harumi Fujita
  4. Novae – Shining Wisdom – Sega Saturn – Motoaki Takenouchi
  5. Round 3 – Acropolis (Greece) – Thrash Rally – Neo Geo – Hideki Yamamoto and/or Hiroaki Shimizu
  6. Train – Mighty Gunvolt – Nintendo DS – Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami
  7. First Steps (Akosmo Remix, Celeste) – Akosmo
  8. Skull Man Rock Remix – Mega Jam
  9. The Green Green Woodlands – Etrian Odyssey – Nintendo DS – Yuzo Koshiro


Episode 10-9 Fan Favorites


Well, you’ve finally done it. You’ve taken over the show! In this very special episode is powered by you, the listeners! Rob and Pernell play selections submitted to them over the past 2 years of the podcast, and there are some FANTASTIC picks in this one! There’s classic, there’s new, and there’s romantic-ninja-singing. Ya dig?

Track list:

  1. Main Theme – Overcooked – XB1 – Christian Marsac
  2. Intro – Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master – Genesis – Hirofumi Iwasawa, Katsuhiko Ogikubo, Hiroyuki Hirama
  3. Mid Boss Mayhem – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Nintendo Switch – Grant Kirkhope
  4. Title Theme – Robocop – Gameboy – Jonathan Dunn
  5. Virtual Sonic Metal Sonic – Howard Drossin
  6. Prayer of Madness (Theme of Woo) – King of the Monsters – NEO GEO – Kazuhiro Nishida
  7. Pizza Time! – Thunderclash
  8. Loader – Mutants – C64 – Fred Gray
  9. I’ll Face Myself – Persona 4 – PS2 – Shoji Meguro

Download episode 10-9 here!

Episode 8-10 Neo Geo


The Neo Geo is not only known for beautiful 2d sprite artwork, but also amazing music. You know the Neo Geo, you’d see the big red cabinet in the arcades, 4 brightly colored buttons, and often multiple games in the same system. Let’s dig in and have some fun!

Track list:

  1. New World (Ending) – The Super Spy – Neo Geo – Masahiko Hataya
  2. The Grand Canyon Golf Course USA- Neo Turf Masters – Jin Jin, Steve, Takushi Hiyamuta, Yoshimi
  3. Operation Desert Sandstorm BGM 6 – Over Top – Neo Geo – Hideko Yamamoto, Keiichiro Segawa, Takao Oshima
  4. Breakpoint Champs (Stadium Court) – Windjammers – Neo Geo – Seiichi Hamada, Tomoyoshi Sato
  5. It’s So Cool! – SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos – Neo Geo – Masahiko Hataya, Yasumasa Yamada, Yasuo Yamate
  6. Both You and Me (Ice Stage 2) – Twinkle Star Sprites – Neo Geo – Keiichiro Segawa, Takao Oshima, Yuka Watanabe, Takeshi MuraMatsu
  7. Metal Slug ~ The Metal Slug Theme (Dimitry G Electro Remix) – DimitryG
  8. Terry’s Theme – VGMasters applebadge-sm
  9. Time Trial – Pochi and Nyaa – Neo Geo – Katsumi Tanaka, Daisuke Nagata, Ko Hayashi

Download episode 8-10 here!