Episode 14-8 Patreon Music for Life


This week’s soundtrack is provided by supporters of Patreon! We talk about our favorite Batmen, and take a look at Pernell’s professional RPG speed-running career. Throughout the episode, Pernell attempts to complete Ninja Gaiden 2, and Rob distracts him through the power of modern dance.

Track list:

  1. Area 1 – Blaster Master – NES – Naoki Kodaka
  2. Chemical Factory – Batman – GameBoy – Nobuyuki Hara, Naoki Kodaka
  3. Stage J – Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers – NES – Harumi Fujita
  4. Novae – Shining Wisdom – Sega Saturn – Motoaki Takenouchi
  5. Round 3 – Acropolis (Greece) – Thrash Rally – Neo Geo – Hideki Yamamoto and/or Hiroaki Shimizu
  6. Train – Mighty Gunvolt – Nintendo DS – Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami
  7. First Steps (Akosmo Remix, Celeste) – Akosmo
  8. Skull Man Rock Remix – Mega Jam
  9. The Green Green Woodlands – Etrian Odyssey – Nintendo DS – Yuzo Koshiro



  1. Yeah, I really did enjoy that Western District track “Second Effort”! My favorite track from Shining Wisdom probably has to be “And Then…” mainly because of how chill and sobering it is. I never played the game myself, although I always do want to someday! You guys had brought up the graphics in Shining Wisdom being odd, that is partly because it was designed as a Genesis game originally, before it shifted to Saturn late in development. Pernell, I’m glad to hear that my suggestion got you to dig up your Saturn again! (A word of advice, make sure to get an Action Replay Plus for that thing)

    Also Rob, you definitely need to check out some more Neo Geo stuff, since it has a great amount of cool sounding music! It uses the Yamaha YM2610 for audio, which is a mix of FM and sampled PCM audio! I also recommend checking out the Neo Geo CD versions of some soundtracks as those tend to have arranged studio versions of the chiptune AES/MVS music!

    Anyway, sorry about the confusion with the names (they’re both me :P) Hopefully I had that sorted out!

    I’m excited to hear that Football episode when it comes out!


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