Episode 22-6 Husbandry with Mitchel Wong


We continue our tradition of bizarre topics for music selections with a surprise suggestion from a guest! Award winning game composer, and all around excellent person, Mitchel Wong joins us on the show to explore animals and farms! In video games! We also have some lengthy discussions about Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, and our very special Sonic the Hedgehog fan-fiction original-characters! What’s yours?

Play the music/puzzle/adventure game Kine! https://www.kinegame.com/

Track list

  1. Disco Inferno – Sheep – PlayStation – Unknown
  2. Forgotten Waterfall (Alternate New Zealand Stage) – Street Fighter V – PlayStation 4 – Keiki Kobayashi
  3. Farming on Forever – Plantera – Jesse Valentine
  4. Yodeling in Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat) – Tekken 6 – Keichi Okabe
  5. Theme of Chao – Sonic Adventure – Dreamcast – Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Masaru Setsumaru, Fumie Kumatani
  6. Harvest Moon 64 – Summer Theme – Tsuyoshi Tanaka
  7. Mii Channel But It’s Played By A (CatPiano, Chicken, Monkey, Sheep, Dog) – CatPiano Entertainment
  8. Marine Jazz – Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life – Gamecube – Miyuki Homareda, arranged by Dai Nakajima the Opening theme from Bokujou Monogatari:Harvest Moon for Girl (PSX)
  9. Rune Factory 4 – Kaze no Traveler English Duet feat. Eri and David
  10. Goat Battle – Monster Rancher 3 – Yutaka Fujishima , Akiko Saito , Saki Ishii

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