Episode 22-7 Sitcom Music with Hammock!


Sometimes video game music is full of cheese in the best way. I’m talking saxophones, jazzy piano chords, and that feeling you’re in a department store elevator. Or even better, the feeling that you’re about to watch your favorite network family sitcom from the 90s! So much Sega Saturn, SO MUCH.

Joining us on this journey is Hammock, host of the fabulously-smooth VGM podcast KVGM The Last Wave. If you want jazzy, chill, and smooth, then Hammock is your man. And KVGM is your podcast! Check it out! https://kvgmradio.blogspot.com/

Track list

  1. Girls – Policenauts – PlayStation, Saturn, PC98 – Motoaki Furukawa, Koichi Namiki
  2. Emperor Theme – Magical Drop F – Saturn – Masaaki Iwasaki (credited as Koremasa), Tatsuya Kiuchi (credited as -K-), Hiroaki Yoshida (credited as MARO)
  3. Mini Game Menu – Harmful Park – Arcade, PSX – Hitoshi Sata
  4. Sound_05 – Tetris with Card Captor Sakura: Eternal Heart – Playstation – Takahiro Wakuta
  5. Squiggleville – Fancy Pants – Geier Arnold and Tommy LM Adventures 
  6. Lulu’s Theme – Madou Monogatari – Sega Saturn – Koji Onari, Ko Hayashi, Daisuke Nagata, Shigeharu Imano
  7. Super Mario World Arranged (Super Mario Bros.) – Koji Kondo, arranged by Soichi Noriki and the Mario Club Band
  8. Stay with me forever – Ys Book 2 – PC Engine CD – Mieko Ishikawa, 
  9. Opening “Wings” (Lunar: Silver Star Story) – Amanda Lepre
  10. Between the Holy Fire Altar – Thousand Arms – PlayStation –  Atlus Sound Team

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