Episode 22-8 La-Mulana with Carlos

Episode 22-8 La-Mulana with Carlos


Long ago…

Before humanity came into existence.

Two friends set out on a quest for great music.

But they became lost inside the world of great video game music!

It’s been a very long time since we’ve done an entire show focused on a single game, or even a series. So here is our tribute to all things La-Mulana! La-Mulana is an ENORMOUS side-scrolling adventure game with great puzzles, huge bosses, and great puzzles! Did I mention the puzzles?

Joining us this is week is Carlos from the Heroes Three podcast! Heroes Three is a bi-weekly show centered on Asian cinema and martial arts movies! Check them out!

Track list

  1. Castle BGM – Knightmare 2 The Maze of Galious – MSX – Kazuhiko Uehara
  2. Death Game – La Mulana (OSV) – Windows – Takumi Naramura
  3. Fallin’ Tower  – La Mulana 2 – Takumi Naramura
  4. Dance of Midgard – La Mulana 2 – Takumi Naramura
  5. Grand Ritual – La Mulana (OSV) – Windows – Takumi Naramura
  6. La Mulana 2 – Last Guardian – Takumi Naramura
  7. Interstice of the Dimension (La Mulana) – GaMetal https://www.youtube.com/user/JonnyAtma
  8. Monumental Subterranean Exploration (La-Mulana) – WASD https://wasdband.bandcamp.com/
  9. Sakit Chills Out (La-Mulana) – Hylian Lemon https://www.youtube.com/user/HylianLemon
  10. Stage Theme 2 – Milon’s Secret Castle – NES – Takeaki Kunimoto

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