Episode 22-9 Your Positive Jams


It’s time again for some more positive vibes with video game music! This time it’s our listener’s favorites and it’s even more awesome! Thank you everyone for the great tunes! And now, enjoy the great times!

This episode was recorded over a live-stream exclusively to our Patreon members! If you’d like to see what we’re up to, consider becoming a member šŸ™‚ https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Track list

  1. Congratulations Everybody – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Sugimori Masazaku
  2. Hello Happy Kingdom – Super Mario RPG – SNES – Yoko Shimomura
  3. Home Arni Village – Chrono Cross – PlayStation – YasunoriĀ  Mitsuda
  4. Gallant Girl Blowing Wind that Flows From The Sky (Nanaseā€™s Theme) – Under Night In-Birth Exe Late – Raito
  5. Swivel – Trials of Mana – Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch – Hiroki Kikuta
  6. Song of Silence – Harvest Moon A Wonderful LIfe – Gamecube – Dai Nakajima
  7. The Jazz Video Game Medly | Movement 1: The Joy of Gaming – Composed by Insane in the rain Music
  8. Diamondus Remix – Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – PC (Windows) – Robert A. Allen arranged by Alexander Brandon
  9. Genial and Balmy – The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III – Takahiro Unisuga

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