Episode 25-10 Obscurities with Chris Taylor

We always pride ourselves in finding the best game music you may have never heard of. But this week we take things a step further. We dig deep into the catalog of classic and current-generation game systems looking for music that was overlooked. Joining us on this journey is Chris Taylor (twitch.tv/lierxagerate), Twitch streamer and creator of the Facebook group: Hidden Sound Test

Episode 25-10 Obscurities with Chris Taylor

Along with all the great music we get into some deep discussion of the games too! Chris talks about his road-trips to MAGfests past, and even includes his own arrangement of an excellent (and obscure) Neil Baldwin tune!

You can follow Chris Taylor on Twitch as lierxagerate, and join his Facebook Group: Hidden Sound Test

Chris is also a member of the VGM cover groups Gimmick! and Super Hi-Tops!

Track list

  1. Menu/Level Select – Daffy Duck in Hollywood – Sega Master System – Matt Furniss
  2. Expert Course – The Irritating Maze (Ultra Denryu Iraira Bou) – Neo Geo – Masahiko Hataya, Hiroyuki Takei, H. Togashi, K. Matsueda
  3. Floria Highway – Spark the Electric Jester 2 – Paul Bethers
  4. Track 2 (Ending Credits Theme) – Otaku no Seiza – Famicom
  5. Hide and Seek – War: Final Assault – Arcade – Michael Henry
  6. Backwen – Duck Game – Landon Podbielski
  7. Ferrari Ham Prix Challenge (Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge) – Chris Taylor, Kev Ragone
  8. Zonk It (Air Zonk) – Steel Samurai
  9. Rock Theme – Poker Smash – XBox 360 – David Sease, Stretch Arm Strong
  10. Snake Hole – Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja – Nintendo DS – Keisuke Oku

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