Mixtape 1-4 Shin Megami Tensei

Dark, moody, and rhythmic. We love the music of Shin Megami Tensei, and this mixtape was an absolute pleasure to put together. Enjoy the Meta-Ten sounds of Tsukasa Masuko and Shoji Meguro! Continue reading Mixtape 1-4 Shin Megami Tensei


Episode 9-3 Phoenix Wright 2 with Steel Samurai

I don’t think anyone would OBJECT to hearing more great music from the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series! This is our second dive into the music from the series, which makes it part 2: this time, it’s personal. Continue reading Episode 9-3 Phoenix Wright 2 with Steel Samurai

Episode 2-5 Pokemon

A wild podcast appears! The Rhythm and Pixels team is blasting off at the speed of music, because this week we’re talking about all things Pokemon. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, we’re covering music from all of the handheld console “eras”. Helping us celebrate is special guest Mike Ward, musician and Pokemon addict.

So flip that hat backwards, get your Bulbasaurs and Charmanders ready, it’s time for great video game music!

For the full track list, and information about the artists featured in the Bonus Round segment, check out our website! http://rhythmandpixels.com Continue reading Episode 2-5 Pokemon